Welcome to Shopping Services
Everything you need to take your business to the next level - all under one roof.

Who we are

Shopping Services is a family owned business founded by entrepreneur and TV Shopping pioneer, Joe Overholt.   Our mission is to provide the means for businesses to succeed in television and electronic commerce.   Here are just a few of our offerings.   


Studios - We currently have 3 available studios and 1 large format studio under construction.   All of our studios are HD and range in size so that product as small as a piece of jewelry or as large an RV can be accomodated.    Our studios are designed to accomodate an audience or integrate the call center into the production, if needed.  

Broadcasting - With a full time C-Band uplink, KU-Band uplink, and fiber connectivity, you can be sure your transmission will be received by whichever media outlet you choose.    Our expert team of broadcast engineers have been in the industry for 25+ years and they are committed to providing you with error free transmission.  

Media - Our customers find that our buying power provides them with very attractive media rates.   We routinely broadcast on Dish Network and DirecTV.   However, most any North American media outlet can receive our broadcast signal.  

Call Center - We maintain multiple multi-tennant call centers within our facility.    We leverage our fiber connectivity with AT&T and our technical expertise to provide our customers with a large scale, reliable call center tailored to TV and Internet commerce.  

ERP Software - An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is the backbone of your sales and fulfillment operations.    Our team of software developers have years of experience helping our clients streamline their operations.    The custom tailored ERP system we offer will enable you to quickly setup operations in our facility and integrate with any existing systems you may have.