Welcome to Shopping Services

ERP Software

Shopping Services employees software engineers, network engineers, and general technicians to make sure your entire workflow is running smoothly.    Our engineers have spent years developing systems that will effectively manage your sales and fullfillment workflow from the point of sale to shipping to customer service.   

Point of Sale:

Speed and accuracy of order taking are critical with TV and Internet commerce.   Every second counts when there is a large media expense to offset.   Our systems are designed to work with our call center agents to get accurate, detailed data as efficiently as possible.   We use shortcut techniques such as reverse telephone lookup and verification techniques such as postal verification to ensure every order is valid.   

Our e-commerce integration allows for product that is being presented on-air to be simultaneously presented on your website.    Customers then have the option to shop via telephone or the web.    We also offer IVR ordering via telephone which allows the customer to call into an automated ordering system to place their order.  


Our backoffice systems offer a robust management of your operations.    From inventory management to package tracking to customer newsletters, we have the software solutions you need to make your business run profitably.   Our portal software will allow you to monitor your operations remotely and interact with the system to manage inventory, get reporting, etc.     


Sometimes our clients have most everything they need to run their store or their website but they need our system to handle the special needs of TV commerce.    In these instances we work with our clients to provide a sensible, automated data exchange so that the client can have visibility of their operations in a more familiar way.   This is easily accomplished with our team of IT people on staff and our connectivity.  

Please contact us if you have any questions.